Lake Powell with the family

Doing this blog has been more onerous than I expected.  On our trip to Lake Powell I took 300 pictures.  It was hard to choose the ones I wanted to put in this blog….then they all took forever to download…plus I can’t figure out how to organize them.  Hopefully I’ll get better as time goes by.   For now, enjoy the pictures even if they do seem scattered…..
July 10, 11, 12, 2012
We are back at Hillfield AFB and will leave the trailer here while we go to Lake Powell with the kids.  We packed up our stuff and drove out to Brad’s house and spent the night there.  I’ll have to catch up on all the activities when I get back since there is no internet service up the channels at Lake Powell
July 13, 2012
We all met at Derrick’s house, split up the kids and were on our way.  We pulled the ski boat behind the truck and drove to Page, AZ with Steve, Taylor and Brad following behind.  Derrick will be driving later in the day since he had to work.
We stopped in Panguitch to have lunch and got caught in a huge hail storm.  We were all in this hamburger place called Henry’s and were waiting for our “chubby” burgers when it hailed for about 10 minutes.  The hail was up to a quarter in size and piled up outside the door like snow.  It was incredible.
We got to the houseboat (Maui Sunset), put our personal things away, helped put all the groceries delivered by Safeway away and ate dinner at the Antelope Marina.
July 14 – 20, 2012
We found a great spot in San Juan Canyon, tied up the houseboat and began our week of fun in the sun with a houseboat the size of my house in Daybreak, two wave runners, a 4-person SeaDoo speedster, a 22 foot ski boat, two paddle boards and two kayaks for 14 adults and 13 kids from age 16 to 18 months to enjoy.  The anchors are buried 3-4 feet deep.
The kids had their own diving rock
Monday night there was a great lightning and thunder storm.  We were on the back deck peacefully watching it when all of a sudden the wind increased and the houseboat started drifting.  Brad took off, started up the engines and tried to move the boat sideways to keep it from “beaching”.  It’s pretty incredible the power of the wind in blowing the houseboat around.  We had the four ropes that were on shore buried about 3-4 feet in the sand.  The wind blowing the houseboat pulled the anchors on the right side down the hill about 10 feet, 4 feet below the surface. Everyone was frantic for a while, but Brad and the guys got the boat stabilized.  The wave runners and speedster were caught between the houseboat and the sandy shore.  We got them moved to the other side, everything calmed down and we all went to bed hoping everything would hold.
Kristin, our Lake Powell coordinator, had everything organized so well that we had plenty of food and goodies for everyone.  She would do the breakfast and lunch each day and one couple would cook dinner at night.  The houseboat has so much room that you never felt crowded and everyone was happy and accommodations were great.  Deck 3 is a sun deck with lounge chairs.  Deck 2 has a family room , dining room, kitchen with a commercial grade ice maker (unlimited ice !) access to the slide and a large BBQer.  Deck 1 is the main level with a family room, main kitchen with two sub zero refrigerators, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Below deck 1 are 4 more bedroometts.
Everyone had a chance to play with all the “toys”, wake board and surf with no limits. Brad was patient driving the ski boat while everyone took their turn — even John learned how to surf. He and I both got on the paddle boards and he even took the kayak for a ride. 

On Wednesday, Brad rewarded us with a firework display with huge loud fireworks he purchased in Evanston, WY.  They are so fun to watch and hear the booms echoing down the canyon.  All the people on the houseboats in the same area were also cheering the display.


Friday we packed up everything, cleaned the houseboat and got on the road for home.
I rounded everyone up for a family picture.  Next year I’ll have one at the first of the trip so we don’t all look so hammered.
Here is the list of everyone that went:
Brad, Kirstin, Chase & Kaylee
Derrick, Bekka, Alan, Alyssa, Aubrey, DJ, Jaden and Nicole
John and I
Steve and Sue
Grandpa Max (93 years old)
Michelle, Taylor, Breckin and Tinley
Courtney, Beau, Cavin, Sawyer and Saylor
Courtney took the picture while Beau held the houseboat on course for the marina.  We should have taken a picture of their little family since they joined us for our family vacation.
July 21, 2012
We arrived at Brad’s at 2:00 am and decided to spend the night since it’s another hour drive to Hillfield.  The trailer survived the week without us.  I did the laundry, John hooked up everything and here we are again. 
Every time we return to Hillfield there are always new neighbors.  Everyone is friendly and comes over to visit.  The guy on the north side of us said he reported that he suspected the people in the trailer next to him (us) might be dead since no one has stirred in a week.  The camp host surmised that sooner or later someone would show up since the car parked at the door of the trailer could not have pulled it and there had to be a truck show up sooner or later.
Just before we left for Lake Powell, we met the couple next to us that have been full-timers for 19 years !!  He called their travels ‘adventures’ and ‘misadventures’.  He hopes when they are through that the adventures outway the misadventures.

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